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In a parallel world set in the 80's, everybody has psychic powers. A deadly illness called 'psychorabies' deteriorates the mind and causes psychics to go berserk, taking over their bodies and creating destructive manifestations of their powers.

Isaac, a young psychic, enters a quarantined mall in search of a friend, Maya, whom has succumbed to psychorabies. To save her, he'll first have to subdue her with whatever he can manage to throw at her.


Xbox ControllerKeyboard + MouseAction
Left StickWASDmove
Right StickMouselook around / aim
Left TriggerLeft click (can hold)telekinesis pull (pick up)
Right TriggerRight clicktelekinesis push (throw)

About the Project

Spirits is the capstone game of the team's final year at Sheridan College. It was developed in approx. 8 months, including pre-production. The aesthetic was heavily inspired by retro nostalgia (ie. vaporwave, arcade) and TV / films such as Stranger Things and Akira.

Open Door Games (the team):
Aaron Sutton
Carson Mackie (composer)
Marina Pimentel
Matthew Murchison
Nic Phan

Install instructions

This information is also included in README.txt in the downloaded file.

  1. Extract files from Spirits.rar.
  2. In the extracted folder, run Spirits.exe to play.


Spirits GDD.pdf 4 MB
Spirits_PC.zip 399 MB


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This game is pretty bello, but i cant capire how much its a mi mario.

This is awesome! There were a few minor issues with the feel of the camera, but the overall aesthetic and mechanics of the game are fantastic. Great work!


Thank you for playing, the team is very glad to hear you liked Spirits  so much!